H2C2 Technology Platform

Human, Humanities, Corpus and Behaviours


The H2C2 platform (Human & Humanities, Corpus & Behaviours) is a technological platform dedicated to the analysis ofhuman activity based on behavioural measurements andneuro-psycho-physiological indicators.

It operates under the supervision of theFederation CRISIS (FED – CRISIS) which includes11 research laboratories.

The platform and the 11 research laboratories of the CRISIS Federation are housed within the ‘Maison de la recherche’ facilities at Aix-Marseille University which is located at 29 Avenue Robert Schuman, in Aix-en-Provence.


Pr. Carole Tardif

Operational Manager

Fabrice Cauchard (PhD)

Support Engineers

Alexandre LagrangeStéphane Ferrando

Administrative manager of the ‘Maison de la recherche’ unit

Natacha Mauric

Management Board


The H2C2 platform (Human, Humanities, Corpus and Behaviours) has been labelled Aix-Marseille Technology Platform” since 2017. The aim of the labelled platforms is to provide the scientific community and the socio-economic world with cutting-edge infrastructures for completing research contracts, partnership collaborations or providing turnkey services.