The Biosemi EEG (electroencephalography) system enables the neurophysiological activity of the brain, and in particular the cerebral cortex, to be measured with a high degree of temporal accuracy.


  • Biosemi ActiveTwo model
  • 64 + 8 electrodes
  • 1 Headcap Medium (red) by ECI. Layout: 10/20″) and 1 medium/large cap (“Headcap Medium/Large (red/blue) by ECI. Layout: 10/20”)
  • ActiView Software
  • The system is installed by default in the NeuroLab space of the platform and can be installed in another space if necessary (e.g. BabyLab).

Applications and projects

  • Study of Brain Connectivity in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Attentional processes in long and monotonous driving situations