Operation for internal users of the ‘Maison de la recherche’ facilities


  • Teachers-researchers, post-docs, PhD students, Master 2s and Master 1s have access to the H2C2 platform and can follow the reservation procedure below (steps 1 to 5).
  • Access to the spaces possible for License 3 if accompanied by one of the above-mentioned persons – within the framework of their internship or dissertation, subject to agreement.

Planning overlaps

  • Encouragement to direct communication between users: users’ contact details communicated by the operational manager on simple request
  • Request for solution addressed to the operational manager

Publication rules

  • Make reference to the platform in the section that describes the origin of the data:
    • Example: “Data was collected in the UserLab of the H2C2 platform. using a oculometer Tobii X2 60 (Aix Marseille Univ, CRISIS, Aix-en-Provence, France). »
  • Informing the operational manager of the  references of publications and communications resulting from the use of the platform
  • Recording the publications in HAL (https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr) and fill in the field “Internal reference” with the code “CRISIS-H2C2” (Why promote open science?)

Contact the operational manager if you have any questions

Fabrice Cauchard (PhD)

E-mail: fabrice.cauchard@univ-amu.fr

Tel. : 04 13 55 30 17 / 06 77 81 20 61

Office: 0.25

(*) click on “Week” in the top right corner of the calendar

Financial Operation

  • Projects with funding: A budget line corresponding to the use of the platform must have been foreseen in the financial package of the project. It is therefore necessary to contact with the operational manager before submitting the tender response to a request for proposal so that he can inform you of the budget amount to be indicated. This amount is calculated using the pricing tool common to all platforms labelled “Plateforme Technologique Aix-Marseille” based on the volume of hours of use of equipment and space, and the contribution of engineers.
  • Projects without financing: The use of the equipment is free, except for possible costs of consumables generated (markers, disposable electrodes, gel, batteries, etc.), which will be paid for by the project leader’s home laboratory.

Partnership agreement with the Centre d’Expérimentation sur la Parole (Centre for Experimentation on the Word)

As part of a partnership agreement between the H2C2 platform and the Centre for Experimentation on Speech, the members of the Speech and Language Laboratory UMR7309 have access to the H2C2 platform equipment and the operating rules are identical to those applicable to users of the Maison de la recherche. However, in the event of a conflict of booking requests, internal requests will be given priority. Similarly, members of the units of the Maison de la recherche have access to the Centre for Experimentation on Speech (information from the operational manager).

Health measures implemented within the platform

A health protocol specific to each experiment (click here to download an example) is established by the platform team following an interview with the operational manager. The lead teacher-researcher for the project (and, if applicable, the other experimenters involved) and the director of the research unit sign an agreement in which they commit to ensuring compliance with the health protocol specific to the experiment (click here to download the agreements).

As an indication, here are the general principles which serve as a framework for the establishment of these health protocols:

  • Mask mandate: Wearing a mask is mandatory, unless the experimenter or participant is alone in a room.
  • Physical distancing: A minimum distance of 1 meter must be maintained between people, unless the specificities of the experimentation do not allow for it (e.g.: the experimenter places a sensor, previously disinfected, on a participant).
  • Hand washing – Hydroalcoholic gel made available by the Maison de la recherche :
    • The experimenters will wash their hands with soap or hydroalcoholic gel before starting the experiment.
    • The experimenters will ask participants to wash their hands with soap or hydroalcoholic gel before the experiment begins.
  • Cleaning – Disinfectant will be made available by the Maison de la Recherche: The experimenters will clean objects and surfaces touched by participants before each new experiment.
  • Ventilation: The experimenters will ventilate the experiment room before each new participant and at least 15 min. every 3hrs.
  • Scheduling of participants: The experimenter will organise the experiments in such a way as to minimise the time participants have to wait in the premises.

Information updated on 01/12/2020

Booking procedure (for internal users of the ‘Maison de la recherche’ facilities)

Filling in the access form

One form per project

Making an appointment with the operational manager

Click on “Week” in the top right corner to see the availabilities

Waiting for validation

E-mail sent by the operational manager as soon as possible


Click on “Save” to create an account.

Collecting the keys from the logistics officers

See instructions below

How to collect the keys from the logistics officers

The keys are to be collected from the logistic officers during their office hours:

Before coming to collect the keys, please ensure the availability of at least one of the two logistics officers on the day and time you wish to collect the keys, by contacting them first by email, telephone or by visiting their office. In case of unavailability of the logistic officers, please contact the operational manager: fabrice.cauchard@univ-amu.fr / /