The BabyLab is dedicated to the study of the behaviours, knowledge, skills, and emotions of children from 0 to 10 years old. The normal and disturbed development of the child is studied: autism, mental retardation, trisomy 21, learning disorders, etc.

This 40 m² secure space approved by the ARS (Regional Health Agency) has three rooms:

– A waiting room where sofas, play area, and changing table are available for the comfort of parents and their child(ren).

– An experimentation room where experiments take place. The equipment in this room depends on the information the researchers wish to record.

– An observation room that allows the researcher(s) to collect and subsequently process the various behavioural indices useful for research projects.

Applications and projects

  • Early Mother-Child Interactions
  • Development of self-regulation in children
  • Baby’s social cognition
  • Autism – contribution of eye tracking