The UserLab is dedicated to the analysis of the usability and uses of new technologies, and to the instrumented study of collective activities. A wide range of equipment can be used in this space to allow an optimal analysis of complex situations related to new technologies and the organisation of human activity.

This space of 60 m² has two rooms:

– An experimentation room whose configuration and technical devices are adapted according to the needs of each experiment. In this room, participants are invited to perform various tasks alone or in collaboration.

– An observation and data analysis room allowing researchers to observe the experiments in progress through a two-way mirror, to control the remote cameras and screens, and then to process the data collected.

Applications and projects

  • Study of creative activities carried out within collaborative virtual environments
  • Influence of a product design on the end user’s emotional experience
  • Different modes of regulation of a working group in order to determine recommendations for the design of on-board systems